Driftwood - Marie Brennan

I can pretty much state that Driftwood is going to be one of those books where other people rave about it and I just shrug and move on to something else. This is definitely one of those Not For Me books and that's a real shame, as initially it looked like it was going to be much more suited to my tastes than it turned out to be in the end.


The basic premise of the book is that its setting is made up of a wide variety of worlds that are coming together, to end up in something called the Crush - as a result, your world gets squeezed against another which could be wildly different from yours, on its way to eventual destruction. That variety of worlds means there's a need for competent guides, able to pick up a wide variety of languages and understand cultural issues, and that's where Last comes in. We meet him on a couple of occasions in the book, as he's employed to sort out problems and then later, after his disappearance for a long period of time is taken as evidence of his death and people are telling stories of him at his memorial.


I guess in the end it comes down for me to world-building in search of a plot: the overall story is a series of vignettes of how different people cope with the experience of their world being torn apart, with Last playing a greater or lesser role in each one, but I ended up at the last page going 'is that it?'. Not my kind of book at all, though I dare say it will get squeals of delight from folks whose tastes are very different to my own. 


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.