The Seventh Bride - T. Kingfisher

I picked this book up for free, after reading and enjoying other things by the author under various pen names, and especially after reading Swordheart (which I haven't review yet because I am a bad person). 


This is basically a retelling of the Bluebeard myth, in this case featuring a teenage girl called Rhea who is a miller's daughter. One day she gets a proposal of marriage from a noble, a friend of the lord who owns the mill her father works, and doesn't feel that she can say no, even when she discovers that said noble (Crevan) is a sorcerer. On arriving at his house, a mysterious place nobody seems to realise is there, Rhea discovers that she is not Crevan's first wife and also that a number of those previous wives are still alive, either wholly or mostly.


Together with the other wives, as well as the help of a hedgehog who turns out to be her familiar, Rhea plots to deal with Crevan and free herself and the other wives, all of whom have had something stolen from them to help Crevan gain fame and influence. He plans, for example, to use Rhea's youth in order to gain immortality and she's determined that his days of taking are numbered. 


I very much like this author's turn of phrase and didn't quite see where the storyline was going even though I knew the fairytale on which it's based. The story is well-paced and entertaining, though I'm not quite sure that hedgehogs are capable (or even interested in) all of the things to which this particular one turns its paw!