Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World) - Rebecca Roanhorse

Trail of Lightning is another book from my Hugo reading, this time nominated for Best Novel - it's also a book I've had on my TBR pile (at least the imaginary version of it) for quite a while, as it sounded like something that would be very much my cup of tea, even though my appetite for urban fantasy waned a while back. 


This is post-apocalyptic urban fantasy too, the apocalypse in particular being a massive flood which has devastated much of the US, leaving the Dinétah (the former Navajo reservation) a place of safety for some but also now populated partly by both gods and monsters. Within that setting, our protagonist (Maggie Hoskie) goes through the traumatic murder of her grandmother and is rescued/apprenticed to become a monster slayer, only to be left behind once more. Maggie has various powers, well suited to her new calling, but also which set her even further apart from everyone else and when we first meet her she's unsuccessfully trying her best to avoid getting drawn back to the slaying of monsters. 


It's a really enjoyable ride, with strong characterisation particularly where Maggie is concerned and some first rate world-building. It also avoids what a friend of mine has now termed 'the proximity fuck', where characters (usually a man and a woman) have sex without any apparent chemistry but rather because they are both just physically there. There's pointers towards a planned relationship in a future book or books between Maggie and Kai, who also has powers, but it's clearly not the A plot for this series. 


Trail of Lightning does what it does well, I enjoyed it a lot and very much want to read the next book in the series (Storm of Locusts) but it didn't grab that elusive fifth star because I can't see myself re-reading it.