Eidolon - E.S. Yu

Eidolon is one of those books which really ought to have worked for me but, in the end, came up short - this was mostly because it felt as though the author was trying to do way too many things. As the plot went along, new elements got thrown into the mix every so often until it was all a little bit unwieldy and also pretty much unresolvable by the end of the book. I really liked the cover, though, I have to say!


The book is set in the near-future, where brain and body augments are pretty much commonplace, and where a moustache-twirlingly villainous CEO sends an augmented assassin after a journalist who's been sticking his nose into the company business a little too much. The assassin in question has all the latest technology but is still unable to do what he's being paid for and ends up eventually on the run in the company of said journalist after the CEO sends yet more killers on their trail. So far, so good, even if the assassin (Vax) is woefully crap at his job in the first place, in order to progress the plot. 


The plot thickens when Vax discovers that he is the spitting image of his target's dead boyfriend and he, conveniently, can't remember anything about his past either. Now I love a good amnesia plot and there's plenty here for me to get my teeth into, except that this is only one of the things that's getting explored here. Neither main character completely convinced me and there's just too much effort put into making sure there's some kind of happy ending to be completely convincing.


Likewise, while it's also revealed at the end that one of our main characters is asexual, that just drops out of nowhere with pretty much no foreshadowing at all. As a result, it feels a bit like 'well, here's an excuse for no sex' whereas I really don't think that was the author's intention. So, all in all Eidolon kept me turning the pages but never completely convinced me that it couldn't have done with a little more editing in terms of pruning out a number of the themes that kind of strangled the overall story. 


I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.