Children of Blood and Bone: The OrÏsha Legacy (Children of OrÏsha) - Tomi Adeyemi

I feel like I keep doing reviews that recognise that I am not the intended audience for the book in question and Children of Blood and Bone is another of those books...


There's a lot to like about it, given that it has some extremely good world-building and a top-notch premise: it's set in a world where the current ruler has managed to find a way to destroy the magic that was wielded against his family, killing the majority of the previously powerful maji and leaving their children as outcasts. This is helped by the fact said children, like the one on the cover of the book, have white hair and are therefore a very recognisable new underclass. While all sorts of unfair treatment and outright persecution comes their way, the lack of magic (which used to manifest at 13) means there's not a great deal anyone can do about it. 


Of course, that's the point at which a possible way to restore magic comes into the story, sending our protagonists on a quest to pick up the artefacts they need and get to a magical island at a particular time for a ritual to take place. And this is where, while there's plenty to like about Children of Blood and Bone, for me the book starts to turn into fairly standard YA fare - it's written in first person, which is a hard sell for me at the best of times, and we have the feisty heroine and the prince she doesn't want to like but ends up having feelings for (and fairly airbrushed sex with) because they have a mystical link which means they don't have to actually communicate with one another. 


This is the first of a proposed trilogy and at least there's a small spark of possibility around a more interesting plot-line both with the prince and his (much better written, in my opinion) sister - she undergoes much more character development during the life of the book and, at the end of it, she's managed to acquire magic too. That seemed to be the one thing that didn't quite get explained, how first the prince and later his sister get this ability without the obvious markers of it in the first place. Maybe I missed that among all the yearning looks going between all four main characters?