The Black Tides of Heaven - JY Yang The Red Threads of Fortune (The Tensorate Series) - JY Yang

It's not often I pre-order stuff but I made an exception for this pair of novellas, The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of Fortune, by JY Yang. I've liked this writer's short fiction so I was interested to see what a slightly longer format would provide and wasn't disappointed, though I liked the first of the two novellas slightly more. The covers look great too, which makes the fact they're ebooks a little frustrating!


Both novellas are set in the world of the Tensorate, which is a place where people can manipulate energy to do all sorts of things (known as the Slack) and which is ruled by the mother of our two main characters. She's a distinctly ruthless individual, for example giving birth to Akeha and Mokoya in order to give them to the temple which had provided her with support during an attempted rebellion, in 'payment' for help received. After that, in The Black Tides of Heaven, she shows minimal interest in their welfare until Mokoya begins to demonstrate prophetic powers and the rest of this novella is the aftermath of that dynamic.


The Red Tides of Fortune is set a few years after the end of the previous novella, with Mokoya struggling to come to terms with the death of her daughter - despite her prophetic powers, she had been unable to see that incident coming and has now lost those powers, as well as being significantly physically affected by the same incident. Akeha and others have joined a would-be rebellion against The Way Things Are and Mokoya is also hunting a naga which threatens to destroy the city where her twin brother is currently living. 


Anyway, the world-building is something I liked very much about both these, including the use of gender terms - this is a world where people declare they are male or female when they feel certain about it, using they/them until that point. In the second novella, Mokoya spends some time trying to figure out her relationship with the power she thought she'd lost and also testing the boundaries of what she can do with the Slack. All in all, I enjoyed them and would very much like to read more set in this universe.