Just downloaded the Hugo Award voter packet - for anyone who doesn't know how this works, for the past few years it's been traditional for anyone who's a member of WorldCon to be able to access a voter packet for the awards which contains a slew of material designed to help people make an informed decision on what to vote for. Membership to WorldCon is still open for anyone who's interested in voting on this year's awards and also therefore getting a big wodge of SFF ebooks, though not everything is included as some publishers prefer to provide an excerpt. 


So, I thought I'd have a look at what's available this year and what I've already read, just to see what the likelihood is of getting through most/all of it before voting closes on July 15th.


Best novel: 6 nominees, of which I have already read 3. Two others I'm excusing myself from reading because they're second books in a series and I didn't like the first one. That just leaves me with Too Like the Lightning to read.


Best novella: 6 nominees, of which I've already read 3, so 3 to go.


Best novellette: 6 nominees, of which I'd already read 2 and I finished another one last night, so 3 left. 


Best short story: 6 nominees, I'd already read 2 and finished another last night, so again 3 left. 


Best related work: 6 nominees of which I'd already read absolutely none, because I don't really tend to pick this kind of thing up normally. A couple of the books look interesting, so I guess I'll be reading 3 or 4 of these?


Best series: this is a new award for this year, with eligibility based on a series with a minimum wordcount but also where something in that series was published in 2016. Again, 6 nominees of which I'd already read some or all of 4, so I feel I can make an informed decision about them. The exceptions for me are the October Daye books (with the publisher providing ebooks of 14 books!) and the Expanse series (where the publisher has gone the other way and provided just an excerpt of the first one). I guess I'll be trying out a couple of the former then, unless it really grabs me, in which case thanks in advance!


Campbell award: this is the not-a-Hugo for new writers, who are eligible for 2 years from their first professional sale. Too Like the Lightning is the supporting book for one of the writers nominated, so that's helpful. I plan to read at least one of the things submitted for each of the other 5 writers.



What's the damage? At the moment, it's looking like a minimum of 8 novels, 3 novellas, 3 novelettes, 3 short stories, and 3 or 4 non-fiction books. Given that there's bound to be stuff I won't want to finish in there as well, that seems eminently do-able in 2 months.