Immortal Quest - Alexandra MacKenzie

I can't remember who recommended this book to me, so I have no way of deciding who is ultimately to blame for this deeply mediocre experience, but I feel a little betrayed anyway. 


It's rare that I finish books that underwhelm me as much as this one did but there was a sense of wanting to know if it could get any worse and also making a list of the ways in which the (clearly non-British) author would demonstrate that they didn't really know how life in the UK works. Particularly when you decide to send your characters off to a castle on a small Scottish island and then treat it like living there works like a big city - given the location of the island, the nearest Chinese takeaway is a 60-mile round trip, so your chances of delivery are less than good to say the least. 


Anyway, clear lack of research aside (seriously, you would not 'stop off in Liverpool for lunch' if you're driving from Wales up to Scotland) part of the problem with this book is that I didn't actually care about either of the characters or their relationship. We get told a lot that one of the characters loves the other but it was massively unconvincing and I was extremely glad it only cost me £1.30 for the ebook. I still feel like I was overcharged and they ought to be paying me, I would even throw in a free list of all the things that demonstrated lack of local knowledge!


Anyway, it's not particularly clear when this book is set but a final word on the importance of doing your research if you want to write a book set in a foreign country: if your overall plot hinges heavily on people missing ferries, make sure the island in question wasn't connected to the mainland by a very large road bridge in 1995.