The Hanging Tree - Ben Aaronovitch

Anyone who knows me already probably knows that I really like this series of books, while anyone who knows this series also probably knows there'd been a bit of a wait for The Hanging Tree to arrive, after the publication of Foxglove Summer in 2014. 


The Hanging Tree pretty much runs straight on after the events of that book, with Peter Grant back in London and continuing his relationship with Beverley Brook, though it starts with a tie back to an earlier book in the series, where Peter made a deal with one of the other genus locii of the city (Beverley's sister Lady Ty) that if she helped him out of a very bad situation he would owe her a favour. When his phone rings in the early hours of the morning and Lady Ty is on the other end, she wants to call on that favour and get Peter to sort out a problem involving her daughter and a drugs-related death.


Naturally, there's more going on here than just a simple overdose, with various pupils from a posh girls' school encountering more of the demi-monde than they ought to and a number of different people trying to get their hand on some very old and very powerful books. And then there's also the return of Lesley May, who had been Peter's fellow trainee back when we first met them both and was now working for the Faceless Man, a powerful magic-user who definitely doesn't have the best of intentions towards pretty much anyone, especially if they get in his way. 


Overall, The Hanging Tree was well worth the wait though it's not clear when the next book will be out either - I think we got spoiled by how quickly the first few books appeared and now we're possibly back to a more natural production cycle. Oh well.