Night Broken - Patricia Briggs

Night Broken is book 8 in one of the few urban fantasy series I've stuck with - it features Mercy Thompson, auto mechanic and coyote shapeshifter, and her relationships with the local werewolf pack and other non-humans. 


In Night Broken, Mercy is now living with the werewolves and has become the mate of the pack's Alpha, Adam. This particular book starts with a frantic phonecall from Adam's ex-wife Christy, who has a stalker and is looking for somewhere to hide. What Christy doesn't tell Adam at this point he offers her sanctuary is that said stalker is not exactly human, being in fact a minor fire deity, complete with larger-than-life guard dogs. Christy is also a grade A manipulator and plays on the existing tensions within the pack, not all of whom have accepted Mercy anyway, to try and engineer a reconciliation with Adam. 


Alongside this, Mercy is also dealing with an ultimatum from one of the fae. In one of the previous books, Mercy had given a particular artefact (a walking stick with something of a mind of its own) to Coyote and now the fae want it back. So not only is Mercy dealing with Christy's attempts to sow dissent in the pack, she's also trying to track Coyote down so she can get the walking stick back because the fae aren't really folks you want having an issue with you.


There is both human and animal death in this book, which might be a deal-breaker for some, but it's set in an overall storyline that hangs together quite well. While some issues are resolved, others come to light during the overall plot and seem likely to be matters to which Mercy and her friends will have to return - the nature of her relationship with the vampire Stefan being one of them, as things are not quite as initially thought. The series continues in Fire Touched, which I look forward to reading, with another book due out next year to continue the series...