Over the past couple of years, I've made more of an effort to read books written by women, whose work has often been both under-represented and under-recommended in the SFF genre, and after a conversation yesterday I thought I'd take a look at what the statistics say about what I'm reading:


Books finished so far this year (not including graphic novels and non-fiction):


Female writers - 75% (36 books)

Male writers - 25% (12 books)


In comparison, here's the rough figures for 2015...


Books finished in 2015 (not including graphic novels and non-fiction):


Female writers - 76% (79 books)

Male writers - 24% (25 books)


It's more difficult to track the gender of writers for books I've not finished, because of how if you put an end date on something Booklikes assumes you read it and messes up your reading challenge targets, which makes it more difficult to search for. I should probably start tagging them as 'unfinished-year' instead and will for the purposes of looking at this in the future!


Anyway, it looks as though my 'read more female writers!' plan is definitely working out...