Worldsoul - Liz Williams

I bought this book a while ago and, I have to be honest, it's been sitting on my shelf because while it's supposed to be the first book of a series, I understand it's quite possible that none of the subsequent books may ever make it into print. So I approached Worldsoul with a degree of suspicion that grew as the number of pages remaining diminished, wondering if the author would be able to tie up the story enough - I'm pleased to say there is a conclusion, though it certainly leaves stuff unexplained enough for further books to have room to explore. 


Worldsoul is set in a massive city of the same name, a place where Earth and various other realities join together and which had, until recently, been ruled by the Skein. Because this is a place where reality and myth or story come close to one another, it's quite possible to let things loose from the library and among its attackers are the disir, with a version of Loki playing a major role. This is a world where tales of all sorts are real, with our protagonists (a librarian and an alchemist) coming into contact with a wide variety of beings as a result. 


I've seen other reviews for this book commenting that they found it hard to follow and, it's true, it's not the most linear book going - that's mostly because there are usually at least 3 different plots happening at the same time (gosh, like real life?) rather than spoon-feeding of the reader about everything. I liked that, though I can see how that might be confusing for some people. 


Anyway, I enjoyed it - the 3.5 stars is mostly because of the fact that some things are left hanging and there may not be a resolution. However the world-building is solid, the writing deftly done especially in terms of the use of descriptive language, and I will be more than happy to read anything else that Liz Williams puts out in the future.