Tremontaine: A Tale of Two Ladies: (Episode 12) - Malinda Lo, Ellen Kushner, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Racheline Maltese, Patty Bryant, Joel Derfner Tremontaine: Departures: (Episode 13) - Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Joel Derfner, Rachline Maltese, Patty Bryant, Malinda Lo

The end of season 1 of Tremontaine, since there's going to be more episodes in October, sees a number of story-lines come to fruition and also sets up cliffhangers for season 2.


In 'A Tale of Two Ladies', the truth about Diane and her origins comes out. As I'd suspected from the comment made about Diane and her maid heading to the city in an earlier episode, the woman now calling herself Diane started life in quite a different social sphere. Kaab is using that knowledge, along with the fact that Diane had Ben Hawke killed to conceal it, to blackmail Diane into suppressing all knowledge of navigation methods which would cost her family dearly.


Meanwhile, in the final episode 'Departures', Diane makes a deal with Kaab and later Kaab has to decide what to do about her future and, as a part of this, her relationship with Tess. The duke, under the influence of the poison Diane has been giving him, is fluctuating between sense and nonsense - Rafe is desperate to get to him, making all sorts of offers and plans but without success, except in upsetting Micah, until an unexpected request to come to Tremontaine house makes things even worse than before.


I've enjoyed Tremontaine very much and highly recommend the audiobook version, though I also plan to get hold of the collected version of season 1 when it becomes available. Roll on October!