Tremontaine: Lies in Our Stars: (Episode 9) - Paul Witcover, Ellen Kushner, Malinda Lo, Patty Bryant, Racheline Maltese, Joel Derfner, Alaya Dawn Johnson Tremontaine: Shadowroot: (Episode 10) - Joel Derfner, Ellen Kushner, Malinda Lo, Patty Bryant, Racheline Maltese, Alaya Dawn Johnson Tremontaine: Go and Tell the Morning Star: (Episode 11) - Alaya Dawn Johnson, Ellen Kushner, Joel Derfner, Racheline Maltese, Patty Bryant, Malinda Lo

I'm still behind with this series, since the season finale (with more to come in October, thank the gods!) of Tremontaine has just been released, so I'm desperately trying to catch up.Of course, I could have caught up and read the whole thing by now if I hadn't been listening to the audiobook version of each episode, rather than reading it as text, but once I'd started with the series that way, it seemed wrong to stop midway through! The fact it's a 13-episode season and I've been reviewing episodes 2 at a time means I had to do a 3-episode review at some point, so today might as well be it.


In episode 9, 'Lies in Our Stars', Micah finally makes the breakthrough in her maths that she has been threatening to make for ages and discovers (much to her horror) that Kaab has been lying to her and Rafe. Since neither of them are particularly good liars, when she and Rafe meet up with Kaab by chance, she becomes suspicious that they have discovered the truth about the disinformation she's given them and is forced to tell her uncle that the method used to navigate across open water may have been discovered. All in all, a great episode for my favourite character (which is Micah, in case you were wondering, not that it's not that obvious from my previous reviews...).


In episode 10, 'Shadowroot', we get an inkling that things may be taking a decidedly deadly turn as Diane takes matters into her own hands in relation to dealing with her errant husband. Meanwhile, the swordsman who has been following Kaab on Diane's orders meets a sticky end as Kaab manages to combine the lessons she's been receiving from Vincent Applethorpe with her own past experience of combat. Rafe is looking for a place to open his school and makes Micah an offer to stay with him and teach mathematics, which just shows how little Rafe understands about teaching - Micah is clearly a genius at maths but that doesn't mean she'll be able to help anyone else understand it as well!


In Episode 11, 'Go and Tell the Morning Star', Kaab discovers some things about Diane's past (though I'd figured out just what was later to be revealed, as soon as the mention of Diane and her maid first came about...) and has to make a decision about what to do with that knowledge. Meanwhile Diane herself is still doing bad things but seems to also be having a tiny pang of conscience, which is novel, and Rafe finds that he needs to decide what is most important to him.


I can't wait to see how this all works out in the last two chapters, hoping that the characters I like most will survive, if not unscathed, since that seems an unlikely mercy from these authors!