Beasts of Tabat (The Tabat Quartet Book 1) - Cat Rambo The Grass King's Concubine - Kari Sperring City of Blades - Robert Jackson Bennett The Grace of Kings - Ken Liu The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 2: Fandemonium - Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie Invisible Romans: Prostitutes, outlaws, slaves, gladiators, ordinary men and women ... the Romans that history forgot - Robert C. Knapp The Iron Ghost - Jen Williams Karen Memory - Elizabeth Bear

Books started: 9 (including the 1 I'm currently reading)

Books finished: 8

Books not finished: 0


Genre breakdown: I was starting to wonder if this section is superfluous, because the answer to this is usually SFF and only SFF, but I actually read something non-fiction this month...


What progress on Mount TBR? A few knocked off the pile! Hurrah! 


Book of the month: A clear winner this month, it has to be City of Blades which was excellent. 


An honourable mention also goes to Tremontaine, season 1 of which I finished this month, so it still counts as a February book even though it was instead 13 chapters. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy with swords, especially if those swords are wielded by adventurous lesbians. ;)