Lost Things - Jo Graham, Melissa Scott

A couple of months back, I picked up the first 3 books in this series as an omnibus ebook edition quite cheaply and was hopeful that they'd be entertaining because of the involvement of Melissa Scott, who writes one of my favourite m/m series (the Points books, in case you were wondering). And since I wasn't feeling 100% this afternoon, I decided the best thing for me was to curl up with the first book in the series, Lost Things.


Anyway, a brief introduction to this series - set just after World War I, our protagonists live in Colorado and are involved with a small aviation company there, three of them being pilots and another an archaeologist, all carrying scars of various kinds from their time at war (some physical, others mental or emotional). We subsequently discover that there's also more than meets the eye where all of them are concerned, since Lewis who has recently joined the company has clairvoyant gifts and the others used to be part of a magical group dedicated to fighting evil. Yes, really.


In Lost Things, the background to everything that's going on with the storyline is the excavation of Lake Nemi in Italy, which was previously dedicated to the goddess Diana and where two large ships were built by one Roman emperor and then subsequently sunk by the next. The ships, however, were not all that was sunk as there was also a dark power that has now escaped and, when we start Lost Things, is possessing one of the archaeologists involved with the dig. The truth about the Bad Thing Now Loose In The World is discovered when our group's archaeologist gets the call to come and translate a tablet which has been smuggled out of Italy to the US and which turns out to have been part of what was keeping the Bad Thing under control.


Basically, our heroes spend a lot of time travelling from Colorado to California, then to Chicago. Then they're off to New York to try and get ahead of the possessed archaeologist before he leaves for Italy again, but arrive too late to stop him boarding the boat. Then they're on an airship to Paris and various trains to get to Lake Nemi. To be perfectly frank, while it was very clear a lot of thought and research had gone into all this travel, I skimmed most of it in search of plot. 


Likewise, I profess to being a bit underwhelmed by the relationships between the main characters, given how well the m/m stuff is written in the other books I've read by Melissa Scott - two of the characters are in a relationship (m/f), one used to be in a gay relationship with the female character's previous husband before he died, and it's heavily implied that the other is suffering from wounds down below which mean he can't get any (but is probably straight).


I think this is one of those books where, if I hadn't already got the next 2 books as part of a package deal, I probably wouldn't be inclined to bother. However, I have started the next one (Steel Blues) and we'll see if I can make it through to book 3 afterwards... I'm not certain it's going to happen!