Princeless Volume 1 Tp - Jeremy Whitley, M. Goodwin

One of the problems with getting into graphic novels is that you keep discovering stuff you'll probably like, as it gets recommended to you or wins awards alongside stuff you already read. Princeless is a prime example of this, though it's actually aimed at a younger audience than myself and is certainly something I would have loved to have been around when I was that age.


Essentially, Princeless takes the basic fairytale story of the princess in the tower, who needs to be rescued by a handsome, dragon-slaying prince, and slaps it about a bit. For starters, it's set in a kingdom where all of our protagonist's sisters are also currently stuck in towers and there seems to be a serious shortage of acceptable princes. Adrienne gets fed up with hanging around and rescues herself, as she has already cultivated a good relationship with the dragon guarding her and together they decide to subvert the plans Adrienne's family have for her, firstly by rescuing all her other sisters.


Along the way, in a quest for better-fitting armour, Adrienne ends up with a sidekick - Bedelia is the blacksmith's daughter, who has secretly been making all the armour in recent years, including a series of sets of armour for women warriors that makes fun of the comic-book chainmail bikinis so beloved by some artists and game designers. By the end of volume 1 of Princeless, Adrienne has a suit of armour that actually covers her entire body and an arse-kicking sidekick as they set out to rescue Adrienne's sisters.


I'm looking forward to reading volume 2 of Princeless and seeing where the story goes next...