I read a lot of books. This is not something new and seems unlikely to change any time soon. I've been trying to rate and review books more consistently over the past few months, with the help of my account here, and I've found myself falling into fairly consistent patterns when it comes to deciding how many stars to give something.


For the purpose of this post, I'm going to ignore the fact that Booklikes will let you give half-stars as well, and focus instead on what I'm thinking if I give a book a particular rating:


5 stars - I loved this book. I can see myself re-reading it at some point in the future, possibly because the next one in the series is coming out or because I just feel like it. My socks have not only been blown off, they are halfway across the room. ;)


4 stars - I liked this book a lot but it didn't quite blow my socks off. I enjoyed reading this book but may not ever re-read it, unless it's part of a series and I re-read it because the next one is coming out.


3 stars - I liked this book well enough, but I may have some issues with it, usually in terms of characterisation. I am not going to re-read this book.


2 stars - I read this book but am not completely sure why I finished it (possibly masochism or to see if the ending was as awful as I thought it might be?). If this book is part of a series, I won't be continuing with it.


1 star or 0 stars - I occasionally review (in other words, rant) about books and give them a 1 or zero-star rating. These are usually books I haven't finished for one reason or another, usually because I've been struck with a dose of can't-give-a-crap when it comes to the characters and their fate.