The Incorruptibles - John Hornor Jacobs

I have to say, I was deeply underwhelmed by this book, to the point of getting about a third of the way through before deciding I couldn't be bothered to read any further - on the plus side, at least I didn't have to pay for it, as it was one of a number of books I picked up for free at the Nine Worlds convention in August.


It's an odd book, to say the least - a real mash-up of genres that we've seen before, written adeptly enough but without me giving a damn about any of the characters involved. We have a Western theme going on (starting with the map, which is clearly the US slightly bodged), with cowboys protecting a paddleboat from attacks by the not-so-noble savages who inhabit the plains surrounding the river. And then we have the mock-Romans (sorry, Ruman) with lots of nods back to Roman naming systems and military organisation and so on. Except, of course, this has been shoehorned into fantasy so our Indians are actually elves (I think?) and there's magic rather than gunpowder powering the weaponry.


None of this is helped, alas, by the fact it's written in first person. But at least it has a nice cover, so hopefully I can find it a new home without too much difficulty despite my significant reservations about it...