Honor's Knight - Rachel Bach

Okay, so apparently I read the first book in this trilogy, Fortune's Pawn, back in February and for some reason didn't review it at the time. So, to help make sense of this review, let's recap: our protagonist, Devi Morris, is a mercenary from a very hierarchical planet called Paradox who has recently hired on as head of security on a trading ship. This particular ship's captain has a reputation for regularly getting into trouble, so Devi is hoping this experience will get her what she needs to get into her planet's elite mechanised unit, the Devastators. So far, so good.


Anyway, the start of Honour's Knight continues immediately from the end of the previous book, with Devi nursing a case of amnesia after a massive firefight in which her comrade was killed. During the previous book, she's also started seeing things other people can't and has a strange affliction where blackness covers her extremities, which started when she was bitten by an alien on a ship which seemed to be infected with some kind of plague. Alongside the amnesia, Devi soon discovers that even looking at the ship's cook makes her nauseous - we know that this is clearly a sign something is wrong, as during Fortune's Pawn, Devi and Rupert got together, although this is clearly one of the things Devi doesn't remember any more.


I'm struggling to exactly determine what it is that didn't work for me where Honour's Knight was concerned and I think it's when there starts to be various revelations about exactly who everyone is and what's going on 'behind the scenes' that things begin to fall apart. It might sound odd, but it feels like there is a little too much plot - there are a lot of really interesting ideas, some cool aliens, but it all feels a little like everything bar the kitchen sink has been thrown in. Add to this a romance subplot that really didn't convince me at all (Rupert is the source of her amnesia, but he argued it shouldn't happen and did it to protect her, so that's okay? Erm, nope.) and I was really struggling with this. Oh, and it's first person as well. I am so done with first person, it's not even funny.


I have a copy of the third book, Heaven's Queen, as I managed to pick up 2 and 3 quite cheaply but to be perfectly honest I don't think I can be bothered with it.