One Good Dragon Deserves Another - Rachel Aaron

I recently re-read and reviewed the previous book in this series, Nice Dragons Finish Last, as I knew this book was coming out - it had been promised for a while but took the author a little longer than she expected, and having read it now I can see exactly why that was.


One Good Dragon Deserves Another starts a few months after the end of the previous book, with our protagonists - Julius, a most undraconic dragon who is prevented from transforming into his true shape by magic, and Marci, a human mage - running what is effectively a magical pest control business.


This time around, however, they also find themselves dealing with the aftermath of another dragon clan's plot to overthrow Julius' clan, the Heartstrikers, and yet more of his brother's complicated schemes to control the future. Meanwhile Marci also starts to discover that her cat, which she had thought was a feline death spirit, is significantly more than that as well as being put under a curse which threatens her life.


It's a story that covers both a lot of plot and also a substantial amount of exposition, as well as introducing another member of Julius' family. Unfortunately, in the over 400 pages of this novel, things do drag a little at times and that meant I enjoyed this book less than Nice Dragons Finish Last. The next book in the series is called A Dragon of a Different Color and is meant to be coming out early in 2016, so I expect I will want to read it but probably won't rush to pre-order it like I did with this one.