The Broken Kingdoms - N.K. Jemisin

Set ten years after the events of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, we get to see the aftermath of what happened in that book - primarily, the freeing of the gods and godlings from the rule of the Arameri. Itempas, who had been the sole god worshipped under that regime, has been cursed to be mortal and promised his godhood will be restored when he has learned compassion and used what powers he has for the good of others. Although he's mortal, he can't be killed, so he spends a lot of time in The Broken Kingdoms either dead, dying or just returned from death.


Itempas is not, however, the main character - that role goes to Oree, a newcomer to the city of Sky, a blind woman who makes a living by her artistry while hiding a secret. Although she is blind in ordinary terms, she can see magic. Oree is living in the shadow of the city, among both humans and godlings, as the strict control the Arameri once exercised over them is a thing of the past and other gods than Itempas are being worshipped again.


Oree literally stumbles across the body of a dead godling, then also encounters the human we (from the previous book) know to be Itempas, although this is something known only to the other gods and godlings for most of the book. Not everyone is happy about the resurgance of worship for the other gods and so there's a plot afoot to put things back to how they were, one that involves bad things happening to the godlings.


Although Oree is kind to him, the author is clever enough not to have a predictable ending to The Broken Kingdoms for Itempas - a less talented writer would probably have Itempas regaining his powers because of how he behaves towards Oree, but actually he's still something of an arsehole for most of the book so it wouldn't be deserved. As one of the other characters states, ten years isn't long for a god to change his ways, so while there's a happy enough ending for Oree herself, Itempas isn't quite so fortunate yet.


The final book in the trilogy, The Kingdom of Gods, is set in the future for these peoples, with decades passing since the events of The Broken Kingdom. It's sitting on top of my TBR pile at the moment, so I guess you'll hear what I think about it quite soon!