A Wicked Way to Burn - Margaret Miles
Having read a plethora of mystery novels written by Americans but set in England, I was more than ready to pick up this book given that it's actually set in the US. In this case, the US before it was united, while still under British rule.

Local widow Charlotte Willett is fascinated by the tale of a man who spontaneously combusts on a quiet country road leading out of her village, particularly since she had earlier met the man in question. Since he's a rich Boston merchant but his money seems to have disappeared, questions are asked by more than just the locals about what happened to both him and his wealth.

It's an interesting enough story, although much of it seemed designed as a set-up for a continuing series rather than being a strong enough tale to stand on its own. It's an interesting period in which to set something, but there's little tension in the story telling despite the relatively recent shadow of the Salem witch trials over the whole thing. I'm uncertain whether I'll continue with this series, though given that Too Soon For Flowers has only been published in the US, I might not get the chance anyway...