Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman? - Eleanor Updale
I can't remember how I first came across this series, but very much enjoyed this first outing and am looking forward to reading the rest...

In Montmorency, we meet a man who decides to reinvent himself after a period of incarceration - he had been captured when he was terribly injured following a burglary he had committed, and pretty much put back together by an interested surgeon. In his own turn, he took the opportunity of his recuperation to learn how to be something else, in this case a gentleman, the eponymous Montmorency. Now, he lives a double life, ensconcing himself in a fancy hotel but also putting on his old persona as Montmorency's manservant, Scarper, whenever he needs to tread more familiar paths.

I've seen Montmorency described as a book about an antihero, and that's very much what it is - although set in Victorian times, our protagonist works outside of the ethics of the society of which he longs to be a part and in which his robberies fund his participation. There's an interesting twist at the end, which I hope will be followed up thoroughly in the rest of the series, which continues with Montmorency on the Rocks.