Shadow Of The Serpent - David Ashton
The first in a series of books set in Victorian Scotland, this book introduces Inspector McLevy, a down-to-earth detective who's not above beating a confession out of someone if he thinks it's deserved.

In Shadow of the Serpent, however, things get a little silly as what initially starts out as a Jack the Ripper style serial killing case suddenly involves an individual called The Serpent who is part of a secret society determined to keep the hands of the upper classes cleaner than clean. It doesn't help that one William Gladstone, then prime minister, is one of the suspects in a string of murders involving prostitutes.

Frankly, I could have done with something a little less conspiracy-driven, though I have to admit that the author does a good job despite that of driving on the plot and maintaining a suitable atmosphere for the time. The series continues in [b:Fall From Grace|3355461|Fall from Grace An Inspector McLevy Mystery|David Ashton||3394595] and I expect I shall pick that up at some point...