Echoes of Lies - Jo Bannister
This is one of those books where I'm almost certain I'd read it before, since it's the first in a series, but then I didn't remember what happens as I was reading it this time so maybe I'm getting it confused with something else...

Anyway, the main character in Echoes of Lies is Brodie Farrell, formerly married to a lawyer but now divorced and trying to make a living by finding things and people. What she doesn't realise, when asked to find a particular man who's being blamed for committing fraud, is that her talents have been turned to bad use - this only comes to light when the man she identified, a high school maths teacher called Daniel Hood, is tortured and left for dead.

Brodie is appalled by how she's been used and resolves to first of all make recompense to Daniel and then to find the people who did this to him. The two of them end up in a somewhat uneasy friendship, with Brodie and Daniel getting deeper and deeper into the mystery of a millionaire's missing grandchild.

I liked Brodie as a character very much, although Daniel annoyed me greatly because most of the time in Echoes of Lies, he's written as just too gosh-darned perfect, and that's not an attractive quality in a character with whom you're supposed to be empathising. The series continues in True Witness and I expect I'll carry on, unless the annoyance factor grows too large in the future.