Smoke and Ashes - Tanya Huff
This is the third (and final?) book in the spin-off series by Huff that takes two of the characters from her Vicky Nelson books and transplants them to Vancouver and the television industry there. It follows on from Smoke and Mirrors.

In Smoke and Ashes, Tony Foster is still working on the crew of a syndicated television show about a vampire detective, though he's managed to claw his way a little further up the ladder of success. Alongside this, he's trying to figure out how to build on his magical abilities and lusting after one of the show's leading men.

This time around, Tony stumbles across a woman who is doing stunts for the show and who has a very odd shadow, which he discovers is due to the fact that she's actually a couple of thousand years old and technically a portal for a dark power to come through. Tony and Leah, the stuntwoman, have to join forces (with the help of the usual suspects from the previous books in the series, including vampire Henry Fitzroy) to deal with the increasing number of demons who would very much like that dark power to emerge.

I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the previous books, but it was still an entertaining read - the epilogue makes it seem likely that Huff isn't going to return to revisit these characters, but I hope she changes her mind about that. There's certainly plenty of odd goings on in the Canadian tv industry that could be written about, if nothing else!