Sorrow's Light - Freda Warrington
Another bookswap, this time picked up because I remembered reading a trilogy by this author and enjoying it, so this standalone novel looked interesting.

The world in which Sorrow's Light is set is one in which much of the land has been taken over by those called The Unseen, against whom the people of the city are constantly on their guard. Their presence is felt particularly when the would-be bride of Prince Tykavn is killed by them on her journey from his father's court. Unprepared to take another bride from far away, Tykavn marries Iolithie, a local woman.

Once married Iolithie finds that her husband is afflicted by a belief in the need for religious ritual that drives him to the brink of madness. When nobody will listen to her concerns, she determines to head to his father's court, to seek help there, falling in with a mysterious stranger on her travels through the lands of The Unseen. It's only as she is travelling there that Iolithie discovers there is more to the world she thought she knew than meets the eye, and more to herself as well.

I found Sorrow's Light an enjoyable read and was particularly impressed by the author's account of Tykavn and his various manias. Iolithie too is an interesting character, an independent minded woman a world away from the feisty heroines much beloved by fantasy authors, whose determination alone is enough to see her to a happier end than she might have expected would come her way.