Darkness and the Devil Behind Me - Persia Walker
Picked this one up as an ebook off the author's website, iirc, and it was one that I was probably bound to latch onto, given my love of historical detective stories.

This book is set in the Harlem of the 1920's, with our hero being Lainie Walker, journalist for a black-read newspaper where she's been concentrating on writing a society column ever since the death of her husband. A couple of years earlier, Lainie had been involved in covering the mysterious disappearance of Esther Todd, prior to the house of her wealthy benefactor being robbed, and had been one of the few people who had been convinced Esther had nothing to do with it.

Now she's approached by Esther's family again and urged to resume her championing of Esther's innocence; Lainie reluctantly agrees to do so, only to find herself in increasing danger, between the machinations of local politicians and a corrupt police force who are not particularly interested in anything that might happen to one of the city's black population.

It's clear that Walker has done her research and the background details of 1920's Harlem ring true all the way through the book. Unfortunately, the character of Lainie, while supposedly sympathetic because of her experiences, starts to chafe as we head towards the latter parts of the book. She exhibits all the worst traits of the hero, ignoring sensible advice and putting herself in unnecessary jeopardy, which sadly still didn't lead me to care too much about whether she was in peril. I believe the author has a further book in this series in the works, but I can't say I'll be rushing to look for it.