Too Soon for Flowers - Margaret Miles
This is book 2 in the series, following on from A Wicked Way to Burn, and like the previous book, Too Soon For Flowers is set in 18th century New England, still under the rule of the English but very much a place of its own in terms of culture. The local area has been swept by a smallpox epidemic and the small town of Bracebridge reluctantly agrees to allow a trial of the controversial new practice of vaccination.

Since this is a mystery novel, naturally there are more things going on here than meet the eye, and when one of the trial's participants is found dead, suspicion immediately lands on the doctor whose treatment she was recently given. Is the answer as simple as that, or is there something more sinister afoot?

As with the previous book, Too Soon For Flowers is enjoyable enough, although it's not the most exciting of reads - there seems to be something lacking in terms of the characterisation, perhaps in this case because there doesn't seem to be any peril for the main protagonists but only for supporting characters who are much less empathetic? The series continues in No Rest for the Dove.