Someone to Watch Over Me (Grace & Favor Mysteries, No. 3) - Jill Churchill
This is the next in the series of books set in 1930's small town America, following on from In the Still of the Night, and after their ill-fated attempt to make money by organising a houseparty, Robert and Lily Brewster decide that the best way to make a living is to get themselves more involved in their local community. They also, finally, decide to own up to the fact they're as poor as churchmice, despite the fancy house where they're living, because of the terms of their uncle's will.

Getting involved in the demolition of an abandoned icehouse, taken apart for the timber, Robert finds a well-preserved body. Meanwhile, Lily is making friends with the local quilting group and Jack Summer, the editor of the local paper, is off in New York trying to see what the locals are doing to get work. It's a trying experience for Jack, at least, as the realities of national politics start to bite.

It's an entertaining read, as were the previous volumes, although Churchill didn't quite do a good enough job of misleading me so I couldn't guess the identity of the mysterious body in the icehouse. The series continues with Love for Sale.