Death at Devil's Bridge (Charles and Kate Sheridan Series #4) - Robin Paige
This is the fourth book in Paige's long-running series featuring Kate Ardleigh and Sir Charles Sheridan, happily stumbling across murder and mayhem in Victorian England.

It follows on from Death at Daisy's Folly, and this time around, the plot focusses on the new-fangled automobiles that are starting to become popular, although controversy surrounds them, especially when one appears to be implicated in the death of an elderly villager. A gathering hosted by Kate and Charles includes the first meeting of two gentlemen by the names of Rolls and Royce, both keenly into cars but with very different ideas about what's important.

Naturally, as with all these kind of books, there's a murder or two and our central characters are left to try and figure out exactly what's gone on and why. As with the previous books in the series, Death at Devil's Bridge is an enjoyable read and both Kate and Charles and their supporting characters play their part in that. The series continues in Death at Rottingdean.