The Iron Hunt (Hunter Kiss, Book 1) - Marjorie M. Liu
Time to add another book to the 'wanted to like it, really' pile, courtesy of a good initial idea added to an incomprehensible (to me) plot, seasoned with a whole load of wtf-was-that?

Here's another first book in a new series and it starts out really well - our protagonist, Maxine Kiss (no, really), is the latest in a long line of female warriors whose job it is to slay demons and the like. Part of the heritage of these Hunters (with a capital H, naturally) is a snazzy set of tattoos which are actually a bunch of small demons that act as Maxine's armour in dangerous situations. We have a return to the Highlander/Buffy trope of 'there can be only one' since Maxine could only inherit 'the boys' on the death of her mother.

Sounds like a neat idea? Absolutely, and then the author begins to metaphorically disappear into the abyss of her own plotline as the veil between this world and where demons inhabit thins, various demons appear who may or may not be Bad, and Maxine's family history vies to compete with her own Tragic Past. All in all, it feels a little like five pounds of plot in a two pound bag, with too much emphasis on telling me how special Maxine is and not as much chance to see it for myself.

As usual, the series continues (when does it ever not? I understand it's incredibly hard to get a book deal nowadays without at least a 3-book series to fall back on...) with 'Darkness Calls'.