Turnstone (DI Joe Faraday) - Graham Hurley
First in another series of crime books, this time set in the English town of Portsmouth and featuring Detective Inspector Joe Faraday as the main protagonist.

In 'Turnstone', we're introduced to Faraday in a tried and tested way, partly through a case he's investigating (a missing father) and partly through his own domestic difficulties (mainly centering around Faraday's push-pull relationship with his deaf son, now an adult). We're also introduced to a cast of supporting characters, who will doubtless go on to play greater or lesser roles in future books - there are 11 in the series to date.

It's an unprepossessing enough start to a series, low-key rather than spectacular, with enough depth given to the main character yet just about avoiding the requisite Tragic Past. I'd recommend these books to anyone who's interested in what life is like in the UK outside of London, which is after all not particularly typical of where most of us live. The series continues in [b:The Take|3032159|The Take|Graham Hurley|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51cJU9S9gFL._SL75_.jpg|1513656].