Kitty Takes a Holiday - Carrie Vaughn
Once again, our hero is Kitty Norville, late-night radio host and werewolf, who had recently been 'outed' on national television going from human to werewolf. In an attempt to deal with the repercussions of that event, Kitty has taken the opportunity for a few weeks in a quiet cabin. However, it's soon clear that someone doesn't want her there and things only get worse when Kitty's lawyer is brought there, bitten by a werewolf.

Kitty has to call on all her own experience to help Ben deal with the things he's about to face, but she's not willing to cut and run just when her embryo pack needs her help. Again, as with the previous books, we get to see real tenacity and character development where Kitty is concerned, which helps make this series an enjoyable one to read.