Kitty and the Silver Bullet - Carrie Vaughn
Like the previous books (this is the 4th in the series), Kitty and the Silver Bullet takes up pretty much immediately where the last one left off. Kitty and her boyfriend Ben, now also a werewolf, have settled into a relationship together - she receives a telephone call to say that her mother is ill that they return to Denver, the place Kitty had never wanted to revisit because of her past history there with the werewolf pack.

There's also a power struggle going on, involving both werewolves and vampires, one in which Kitty and Ben are unable to avoid getting involved, whether they like it or not. There's quite a bit of character development for Kitty in particular since the first book, as she comes to terms with her past history in Denver and what being a werewolf actually means for her.

The next book in the series is [book:Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand], and I look forward to seeing how the author deals with the situation she's placed her characters in at the end of this one.