Deerskin - Robin McKinley
I'd read stuff by McKinley before though for some reason, never this book, which is based in part on an old French fairytale.

Lissar is the king's only child but he takes no notice of her until she comes to adolescence and begins to resemble her mother, who had died years before but whose presence still dominates the court. Lissar would much rather be with her books and her dog, the unexpected present from the prince of a far-away land, and her reluctance to have anything to do with her father is reinforced when he decides that she is to be his next wife.

When Lissar rejects her father's advances, he rapes her and she then flees the only life she has ever known, eventually finding sanctuary in a snow-bound cabin. Still haunted by what has happened to her, Lissar effectively takes on a new identity as Deerskin, travelling till she can find something to replace what she has lost.

Deerskin is a beautifully written book, which I enjoyed immensely and in which I found myself very much empathising both with Lissar and with the inhabitants of the place she finally ends up. The only slight downside would be that the ending feels a little forced, as if McKinley too much wanted to tie up all her loose ends, when something more ambivalent might have been a bit more realistic given the foregoing events.