Threshold - Caitlín R. Kiernan
Essentially the storyline of Threshold seems to focus on two women: Chance Matthews, who seems to have been to a lot of funerals lately, and Dancy Flammarion (yes, really) who has been dreaming about Chance for a while and now tracks her down. Chance is a geologist, left a massive collection of rocks and fossils by her grandparents, one of which is apparently the fossil of something that should never have existed.

The main problem, however, for me at least is that the storyline is weighted down by such florid, turgid prose that I was starting to lose the will to live mid-sentence at times. Also, bad things have happened that are hinted at but certainly in the third or so of Threshold that I struggled through before I lost interest completely, you never really know what has actually happened. And because of that, why should you care what will happen to any of the characters? I didn't, and I'll be avoiding this writer in future.