The Summoner - Gail Z. Martin
I feel as though I ought to start by saying that I enjoyed this book and I will be checking out the sequel (The Blood King). However, I also found one particular aspect of it very frustrating:

The essential premise of the book is that Tris, the second son of the king, is forced to run for his life when his older psychopathic half-brother decides to take the throne. Tris has inherited the mage powers of his grandmother, though initially he is only aware that he can see and speak with the ghosts that people the castle where he's been living. So far, so good.

Understandably, a significant part of this book is about Tris coming to terms with his powers, what they mean for his relationship with others, and also learning to control them. Which is why it seemed strange that suddenly, about 3/4 of the way through this book, the author starts introducing magical gizmos. Having set up a universe in which our protagonist is potentially powerful enough to do what you're asking him to do, why the need for magic swords and mystical amulets?

Other than that, the book suffers from the usual fantasy issue of handsome and capable characters of all varieties, but that's so commonplace as to pass almost without notice now.