Gridlinked  - Neal Asher
Another first of the series, this one set in a world where instantaneous travel is possible and the worlds between which people travel are pretty much run by Artificial Intelligence (AI's).

Our hero in Gridlinked is Ian Cormac, who is an agent for the enforcement side of his government, helping to keep the peace in the network of planets that make up the Polity. Between those planets, there's no need for passports or customs officials, because the AI network keeps everything under its control.

We first meet Cormac dealing with some separationists, relying heavily on his link to the AI system, with which he's become over-dependant. Unlike most agents, he's been linked for a very long time, longer than is usually considered wise, and so ends up going 'cold turkey' on his latest mission. Alongside this, traces of his former missions keep popping up, including a mysterious entity called Dragon which seems to have plans for the Polity worlds and their inhabitants.

Gridlinked is an enjoyable enough story, though I never really felt I got to understand Cormac enough to properly sympathise with him. The sudden appearance of the whole Dragon sub-plot was a little vexing too, as it felt a little forced. The series continues with The Line of Polity, though I'm uncertain at the moment as to whether I'll be continuing with it.