A Metropolitan Murder: (Inspector Webb 1) - Lee Jackson
I think it would be fair to say I've read a lot of historical detective fiction in my time, set in all time periods, and can completely understand why the Victorian era is still so fascinating for authors even now.

In A Metropolitan Murder, the body of a former streetwalker is found strangled in the final carriage of the last train of the day on the newly-opened Metropolitan line. Inspector Decimus Webb, a singularly unsympathetic character who I disliked from my first dealings with him, is brought in to investigate.

I think I got about a quarter of the way into this book before I decided that actually I didn't care who or why. All the characters seemed sanctimonious and unpleasant so it was impossible to summon up the necessary enthusiasm to finish A Metropolitan Murder. The series continues with [book:The Welfare of the Dead], but sadly we'll be parting ways...