Anything Goes - Jill Churchill
Lily and Robert Brewster, who are brother and sister, are the protagonists of Anything Goes, a detective novel set in the Depression in which they unexpectedly inherit a house once owned by a distant relative. Renaming it 'Grace and Favor House', they discover that there are conditions to their inheritance, one of them being that they have to live in the property for the next ten years or risk losing it to their odious cousin, Claude.

Given that they've both been barely scratching by in New York, it's a bargain both siblings are prepared to take on, even when they find a dead body in the kitchen and also discover that there's more of a mystery around their relative's death than they had previously imagined. Lily in particular sets herself the task of discovering what's happened and does so in fine form.

I very much enjoyed this book, more so than many of the 'cozy' detective series I've come across recently, and so I'll be keeping an eye out for the next in the series, In the Still of the Night.