Naked in Death  - J.D. Robb
All of the books in this series are set in a slightly-advanced future, with our protagonist (Lieutenant Eve Dallas) working as a police detective in New York. Eve is the quintessential cop-with-a-troubled-past, in that she was dumped in an alleyway after years of abuse as a child, much of which she apparently cannot remember but which still affects her interaction with everyone else.

In Naked in Death, she's investigating the murders of two legalised prostitutes, both of whom have been shot multiple times - that in itself is unusual, given that firearms of the sort we're familiar with have been all but eliminated in general use. Only specialist collectors would have them now, collectors like multi-millionaire Rourke, who seems to have a connection with both victims and with whom Eve finds herself becoming involved (in scenes where you can tell our author's alter ego is a romance writer).

There's a degree of suspension of disbelief required to accept the speed at which Eve and Rourke get into a relationship, given their respective emotional baggage. In addition, there are some odd choices in terms of point of view, when we suddenly go from being in Eve's head to either third person omniscient or Rourke's point of view mid-scene. I found it a bit disconcerting, to tell the truth.

I've also read the next book, [book:Glory in Death], as I managed to get hold of both at the same time but whether I'll continue with the series beyond that remains to be seen...