Definitely Dead - Charlaine Harris
It feels as though I've been reading this series forever, since I've now lost count of what number we're at, but after some thought I realised that this is the follow up to Dead As a Doornail.

The whole series, unless you've been living under a rock, is about a world where vampires have 'come out' and are living among human beings, while there are also other things out there as well - werewolves, shapeshifters and fairies, to name but three. In the middle of all of this is Sookie, who works in a bar and also happens to be a telepath, which leads to her getting involved with all sorts of shenanigans.

This time around, in Definitely Dead, Sookie is off to New Orleans to claim the inheritance left to her by her recently-deceased (again) cousin, who was consort to the Queen there. Naturally, nothing ever turns out to be simple and straightforward for Sookie, who also has a new relationship to deal with.

It's an entertaining read, as always, and I like the new guy in Sookie's life very much. The series continues with All Together Dead.