Niagara Falls All Over Again - Elizabeth McCracken
This is another book-swapping book, one that sounded interesting from the blurb and so I took a chance on it and quite enjoyed what I found!

It's a book about vaudeville, and particularly written from the perspective of a small-town boy from Iowa whose father wants him to take over the family tailoring business but the smell of the greasepaint beckons. This particular individual ends up as a straight man in a double act, first on the stage, then radio and the movies, then finally television.

Meanwhile, Mike Sharp (not his real name) is trying to come to terms with his relationship with his real family, let alone the relationships he makes along the way in his career, and especially the love-hate relationship between him and his partner. It's a really interesting book, with some very nice turns of phrase, and gives an insight into a time that I hadn't ever thought much about. I probably ought to see what else McCracken has written, in case she's tapped into anything else I might want to have a look at.