The Second Summoning - Tanya Huff
This is the second in Huff's series of books, Keeper's Chronicles, following on from [b:Summon the Keeper|60738|Summon the Keeper (Keeper's Chronicles Book 1)|Tanya Huff||1300549], and like the previous book, The Second Summoning is about Claire, whose job it is to keep Canada (and the rest of the world, of course) safe from places where the line is too thinly drawn between this world and others.

This time around, she starts with a dilemma over her relationship, not helped by cryptic advice/prophesying from her sister. Different actions taken by both Claire and her sister Diana lead to an angel appearing on earth, closely followed (for sake of balance) by a demon.

Unfortunately I really couldn't get into this book, having quite enjoyed Summon the Keeper. Maybe it was because that book had more of a focus on a particular place and this time around it was more about characters, so less easy to follow? Whatever the case, I couldn't keep interested past about a third of the way in, so that means I won't be bothering with the final book in the series, [b:Long Hot Summoning|338117|Long Hot Summoning (The Keeper's Chronicles, book 3)|Tanya Huff||328526].