On Stranger Tides - Tim Powers
This is another one of those books I picked up because the blurb sounded interesting, and after all how wrong can you go with pirates and zombies?

The protagonist of On Stranger Tides is John Shandy, the son of a puppeteer who is in the Caribbean in search of his uncle and revenge - his uncle swindled John's father out of a fortune, faking papers to make it appear he was already dead when instead he was living in penury. Shandy comes into contact with pirates, just as the pirating trade is starting to come to a close, and puts his plans for vengeance on hold, choosing a piratical life over having his brains blown out.

It's an entertaining enough book, if a bit in need of some editing. And Powers really needs to learn how to write female characters, or indeed make a plot that requires them to be something other than passive and pushed around by circumstance. The obligatory romance sub-plot is dull, with the main interest (for me at least) coming in some of Shandy's friendships with the other pirates which are far more convincing than any scene with his love interest.