The Last Wish - Andrzej Sapkowski
Although this is apparently part of a series, it stands alone quite well and is another one of the lengthy list of 'books I'd like to get my hands on'.

A bestseller in its native Poland, The Last Wish is the tale of Geralt, who works as a witcher - essentially a monster hunter, engaged by small towns or noblemen to deal with whatever bogeyman is lurking nearby. Geralt is still very much an outsider, though he has very interesting relationships with a number of supporting characters, many of whom seem to be much more socially acceptable than he is.

What I found most interesting about The Last Wish was that, although the author very much messes with the usual linear storyline by taking us off on little side-trips into Geralt's history, he still manages to drive on the overall plot without making it feel like he's info-dumping for no good reason. Ignore the hype, and particularly ignore the self-serving blurb on the cover, and it's an enjoyable book - apparently there's a series of novels and also some short stories set in the same universe, but the next one out seems to be Blood of Elves.