Maisie Dobbs  - Jacqueline Winspear
I've got a terrible soft spot for historical detective stories, so usually the thing that slows me down the most is getting hold of the first book in the series, rather than lack of interest in a particular author's work.

Our protagonist is a housemaid become private detective in the 1920's, who engages in that line of work after she has both been educated at Cambridge and returned from nursing in the First World War. In Maisie Dobbs, our eponymous sleuth gets involved in the mysterious goings-on at a place for disfigured war heroes, which has seen a number of deaths.

So far, so good. Except for two things, one being the massive info-dump the author decides to shove in midway through, derailing the A storyline for MarySue Maisie's heroic tale of how she got to go from blacking grates to sleuthing, not to mention the Tragic Past necessary for many fictional detectives. The second issue I had was with the way she resolves the situation she eventually finds herself in at The Retreat, which was just ludicrously easy after the supposed tension beforehand. The series continues in Birds of a Feather but my interest in continuing with it is not particularly strong...