Jackaroo - Cynthia Voigt
I understand his is the first book in a loose trilogy, as the next in the series apparently focusses on the granddaughter of the protagonist in Jackaroo.

All three novels are set in the Kingdom, an ultra-hierarchical society where the lower classes cannot even know the given names of their Lords and where everyone else is usually addressed by either a name indicating what they do (Weaver, Innkeeper and so on) or by a name that indicates their relationship to someone with a trade.

This society is struggling, however, as the poor get poorer and the rich couldn't care less, which provides a willing audience for the tales of the eponymous Jackaroo, a bandit who rights wrongs and steals from the rich to benefit the poor. In Jackaroo, our hero is the innkeeper's daughter who is resistant to the idea of being married off to the first man who can afford to keep her and finds a mysterious set of clothing hidden in the house of an elderly relative.

It's an interesting story, mostly for the world-building involved and the focus on a young woman who doesn't like the world around her and is determined to change things, for herself at least. I found the ending a little disappointing, as though the author was equally determined to tie up all the loose ends and would have been happier with something more ambivalent or open-ended. The next book in the 'trilogy' is On Fortune's Wheel, which I managed to get my hands on already and look forward to reading.